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3 simple Google Ads tweaks to help boost sales

If you’re running Google Ads campaigns and not seeing the results you want, it might be time to make some tweaks. By making small adjustments to your ad copy, targeting settings, and landing pages, you can quickly boost your sales and see a better return on your investment.

Let’s explore three simple Google Ads tweaks that you can implement right away to start seeing better results.

PPC campaign launch checklist

ppc campaign checklist

A new article on Search Engine Land says that if you’re ready to launch your next campaign, this campaign checklist will ensure you cross all your t’s and dot every single one of your i’s. The author says that launching and managing a successful digital advertising campaign takes time and planning. This primer will help orient you […]

Four PPC Myths You Should Let Go of During 2021

A new article on Search Engine Journal attempts to dispel four PPC myths and expose their underlying assumptions, saying they cause paid search campaigns to fail and give the channel a bad rap in general. The author says that for as long as paid search has been around, certain stubborn PPC myths have plagued it, and they […]

Sick of Google and Facebook ads? Here are alternates

Google Ads Mistakes To Avoid

There are two big names in online advertising. The first one is a very popular search engine, which happens to also own YouTube. The other one is a social networking giant which also owns Instagram and WhatsApp. Microsoft Advertising Now you might ask me – who uses Bing? Well I do, and Microsoft claims 5.5 […]