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Unlocking Language Mastery: Tips to Get Fluent in English Without Living in an English-Speaking Country


Would you consider moving to an English-speaking country to become fluent? Do you live in an English-speaking country and think you must be surrounded by native speakers in order to become fluent in English? You’re not the only one! Although immersion sounds great, living in an English-speaking country doesn’t guarantee fluency. This is why millions […]

Top 5 Tactics for Speaking English Fluently

English Pronunciation

The journey to fluency in a language other than your own can feel isolating. But know that you are one of millions of people worldwide pursuing this goal. Whether you’re an ESL learner or someone who simply wants to boost your English skills, becoming fluent is anything but easy, and it turns out that English […]

The 8 Most Common English Mistakes

common mistakes

The following covers the most common mistakes in English made by learners. Since English is an extensive and diverse language, even native speakers have difficulty navigating it at times. Learn about common English mistakes you might also make, but are not aware that they are errors at all, by following the list below. 1. Phonemes […]

How to Improve Your English Listening Skills (For FAST Fluency!)


You’re at your company’s summer party. It’s an international company that employs English speakers all over the world. You have a colleague from the United Kingdom, one from Australia, one from South Africa, and another from the United States at your table. In spite of the fact that they’re all speaking English, their accents and […]

How to Learn English FAST (Ignore Traditional Methods!)

How satisfied are you with the progress you have made with traditional language learning methods? You memorized all of the words, lists, and rules for speaking English… but you still don’t feel fluent. Traditional language learning methods have failed you. They taught you to memorize rules and repeat them by rote. These methods are ineffective […]

A.J Hoge – WATCH THIS EVERY DAY To Program Yourself For English FLUENCY & SUCCESS

AJ Hoge - WATCH THIS EVERY DAY To Program Yourself For English FLUENCY SUCCESS
[Elite_video_player id=”5″] What are the ways you can break negative patterns that prevent you from succeeding? What are the ways you program yourself to become fluent in English? Negative self-talk plagues you Your limiting beliefs are: “I’m busy, English is too tough, I’m tired, I’m frustrated.” When I try to speak, I get nervous… I […]

A.J Hoge – Effortless English VIP COACHING (New 2023)

AJ Hoge - Effortless English VIP COACHING New 2023

“What if I coached you to endless job opportunities with English mastery? Job you don’t want to miss?” In 60 minutes, we’ll teach you how to overcome nervousness in English job interviews… …train you to fluency in three months… We’ll teach you a 5-minute method to impress any interviewer or audience… We can help you […]

Speak Like a Native with These Expert English Language Tips


Are you tired of sounding like a non-native speaker when communicating in English? Do you want to enhance your language skills and speak like a native? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ve gathered expert tips that will help you sound more natural, confident, and fluent. From improving your pronunciation to using slang expressions correctly, these practical suggestions will take your English speaking game to the next level. So let’s dive in and learn how to speak like a true native!

Speaking Confidently at Work: 25 Business English Phrases


Many English learners believe that using complicated words and phrases is necessary for successful business communication, but this simply isn’t the case.
Cognitive Fluency research has suggested that simpler language is far more credible.
Imagine the impact of attending a meeting where someone is spouting industry-specific jargon – it would be difficult to understand, and would make them look like they are trying too hard.
That’s why keeping your wording unambiguous and easy to comprehend should always be your top priority when speaking with clients and colleagues.
In this blog post, I’ll talk about the central aspects of business English and provide tips on how you can simplify your message, select suitable vocabulary, and communicate ideas in an efficient manner.

Top 8 Common Mistakes in English

top 8 mistakes in English

It is common for learners to make the following mistakes in English due to its diversity and extensiveness. Even native speakers have difficulty handling it at times. The following list outlines common mistakes in English that you too may often make without realizing that they are errors. Phonemes mixed up Languages may have certain sounds, […]