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Mastering the Art of Thinking in English: A Step-by-Step Guide to Enhancing Fluency


Thinking in English Improves Your English Fluency It is the language of business, science, and technology, as well as the most widely spoken language in the world. If you want to succeed in today’s global economy, you need to be fluent in English. The problem is, many people do not know how to think and […]

Thinking in English Made Easy: 7 Steps to Rewire Your Inner Language

How to think in English

How did your breakfast go? Before you could answer this question, you probably had to translate it into your native language and then back into English. When you’re trying to have a fluent conversation, this can really slow you down! Isn’t it easier if you could think and speak in English without hesitating? As a […]

Motivation and English Fluency – “One Leg At A Time”


The Best Students Learn English “One Leg at a Time” It’s one leg at a time…” One summer when I was 10, a counselor of mine told me that. As I asked Mike the following question, he was surprised and slightly embarrassed at first. What can I do to become like you?” I was a […]

Causative Verbs – Let, Make, Have and Get

This English grammar video lesson teaches causative verbs visually! Using this Master English Conversation Grammar Focus lesson, you will learn causative verbs (let, make, have, and get) and how to combine them with sentence objects. If you learn causative verbs visually, you’ll master them faster and be able to use them without thinking much more […]

The Uncanny Valley Of Fluency: For Advanced Learners Only


To sound like a native English speaker, you must understand the Uncanny Valley of Fluency…

I think The Uncanny Valley of Fluency explains a lot of the frustration advanced learners feel as they get closer to fluency.

The uncanny valley suggests that as objects look more and more human, they reach a point where they look almost human, but not quite…

Observers feel uncomfortable feelings of eeriness and revulsion as a result.

It’s the Uncanny Valley

The Only English Speaking Practice That WILL Get You to Fluency


“I passed the highest level of the official Japanese English test, and I studied in the United States.” According to the politician’s brochure… As I was playing with my family at a park in Nagasaki, Japan, a local Japanese politician came over and greeted us. There were about twelve families at the park that day. […]

Transform Your English Fluency with Effortless English VIP Program

EffortlessEnglish VIP Full Program

Are you tired of feeling self-conscious when speaking English? Do you struggle to understand native speakers or express yourself clearly? Look no further than A.J Hoge’s Effortless English VIP Program. This revolutionary language learning program is designed to transform your fluency and confidence in just a matter of weeks. Say goodbye to boring grammar lessons […]