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Boost Your Confidence and Fluency: Strategies for Improving Your English Communication

Boost Your Confidence and Fluency_ Strategies for Improving Your English Communication

If you need English for your career, but you still struggle to speak, this message is for you. You might sometimes have trouble finding the right words in conversations… Or get stuck translating and organizing sentences in your head before you speak… Maybe you speak too slowly… Or not at all because you worry about pronunciation […]

The Journey to Fluency: Understanding the Factors that Influence How Quickly You Learn English

How Long Does It Take to Become Fluent in English

The truth is that you can become a more confident, fluent English speaker in weeks, or even days, depending on how you learn. To understand why fluency is possible—no matter your age, location, or if you’re learning English by yourself—let’s take a look at what it means.