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Breaking the Cycle: How to Break Bad Habits and Develop Good Ones

Break BAD Habits Make GOOD HABITS

It’s difficult to break bad habits, create good ones. Why? It’s hard, right? You’re learning English. You want good habits. You want to listen to your English lessons every day for an hour, maybe two hours, maybe more. But then you find you don’t. Instead, you play on your phone. You text people, you watch […]

Mastering Vocabulary Made Easy: 5 Simple Strategies to Accelerate Your Learning


Storytelling Techniques to Expand Your Vocabulary Through storytelling techniques, learn how to make vocabulary learning enjoyable and effortless. I’m A.J. Hoge, and I’m here to help you improve your vocabulary if you’re an adult language learner. As an English teacher who has helped many students, I can personally recommend the incredible benefits of using storytelling […]

Unlocking Fluency: Mastering Excellent English Through Slow Practice

Excellent ENGLISH with Slow Practice

There are problems with your English pronunciation, so people don’t understand you. You can’t remember words when you’re talking. When you listen to English audios, it’s difficult to understand. You feel frustrated. Consequently, you try to speak faster. You try to listen to faster audios. You push yourself to understand, speak faster, read faster, and […]

Mastering English Faster: How Intensive Learning with Focal Skills Can Boost Your Language Proficiency

Intensive English with Focal Skills

Research indicates that students in FOCAL SKILLS programs acquire English language proficiency faster than students in most other types of Intensive English Programs (IEP). Studies have found that students in FOCAL SKILLS programs gain about 35% more English proficiency than students in other Intensive English Programs in a semester. A number of factors contribute to […]