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EnglishAnyone – Amercian English Pronuciation Videos Course

EnglishAnyone - American English Pronunciation Videos Course

Our FREE Power Learning video course will help you speak English fluently and sound like a native speaker. A FREE, comprehensive series of 12 videos, Sounds of English teaches non-native and native English speakers phonics and pronunciation. Learn how to spell, read and pronounce English like native speakers with these easy lessons. Great […]

EnglishAnyone – Advanced English Listening Practice Videos

EnglishAnyone - Advanced English Listening Practice
[Elite_video_player id=”3″] To learn how to understand fast native speakers with difficult accents, click here: https://bit.ly/englishanyonethevaultbigsaleoff To help long-time subscribers take their listening skills to the next level, I’ve created this new series. You’re already familiar with my voice if you’ve been following my videos for a while, so you’re ready to start training with […]

EnglishAnyone – Master English Conversation 2 Videos (Speak Fluent English Without Translating!)

EnglishAnyone - Master English Conversation 2

Download your first lesson set at https://bit.ly/englishanyonethevaultbigsaleoff [Elite_video_player id=”2″] Discover the simple secret to finally expressing yourself clearly, confidently, and automatically if you can’t speak English fluently. The frustrations experienced by English learners around the world are the same: Before speaking, they translate ideas from their native language into English in their heads. When speaking, […]

EnglishAnyone – Learn English Idioms Video Lessons

[Elite_video_player id=”1″] Video Course! Learn English idioms! Here are some more useful color idioms from EnglishAnyone.com! Chasing Rainbows Chasing rainbows means to attempt something very difficult or impossible. Will our new restaurant succeed or are we just chasing rainbows? Golden Opportunity A Golden opportunity is an ideal or perfect chance. Being invited on a TV […]

The Uncanny Valley Of Fluency: For Advanced Learners Only


To sound like a native English speaker, you must understand the Uncanny Valley of Fluency…

I think The Uncanny Valley of Fluency explains a lot of the frustration advanced learners feel as they get closer to fluency.

The uncanny valley suggests that as objects look more and more human, they reach a point where they look almost human, but not quite…

Observers feel uncomfortable feelings of eeriness and revulsion as a result.

It’s the Uncanny Valley

English Idioms for Everyday Feelings (Use Them Confidently!)

When someone uses an English idiom that you’ve never heard of before, have you ever been lost in translation?

Especially when it happens during a conversation, it can be frustrating!

You’re not alone. English idioms can be confusing, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the culture and language.

In conversations, books, songs, and movies, English idioms are used all the time.

Your speech will sound more natural and fluent if you use English idioms correctly and in context.

Let me show you how to learn idioms in a way that’s easy to understand and more memorable so you’ll feel comfortable using them.