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Motivation and English Fluency – “One Leg At A Time”


The Best Students Learn English “One Leg at a Time” It’s one leg at a time…” One summer when I was 10, a counselor of mine told me that. As I asked Mike the following question, he was surprised and slightly embarrassed at first. What can I do to become like you?” I was a […]

Causative Verbs – Let, Make, Have and Get

This English grammar video lesson teaches causative verbs visually! Using this Master English Conversation Grammar Focus lesson, you will learn causative verbs (let, make, have, and get) and how to combine them with sentence objects. If you learn causative verbs visually, you’ll master them faster and be able to use them without thinking much more […]

In English Conversations, “Just” vs. “Only”


Learn How To Use “Just” and “Only” Like A Native English Speaker!

When you get confused about the difference between “just” and “only,” think like a native English speaker!

Since Aria, our daughter, has begun speaking a lot more, my wife and I have had more conversations about language learning methods at home.

During dinner with my wife, Aria, and her parents, Aria asked me what I was drinking.

Learn New Words: 7 Easy Ways to Memorize Vocabulary


Learn New Words: 7 Easy Ways to Memorize Vocabulary

Have you ever found yourself struggling to hold a conversation? Maybe you knew exactly what you wanted to say in your native language, but couldn’t put it into words in English! The feeling of having to translate and rush to find the right word or phrase can be incredibly frustrating. Rest assured though, this isn’t your fault. Traditional language learning methods like memorizing lists of related words and grammar rules don’t work that well and are incredibly dull – no wonder you’re finding it hard! I’m here now to show you how best to learn, store, and finally use English vocab so that you can gain mastery of the language and confidently express yourself.

The Only English Speaking Practice That WILL Get You to Fluency


“I passed the highest level of the official Japanese English test, and I studied in the United States.” According to the politician’s brochure… As I was playing with my family at a park in Nagasaki, Japan, a local Japanese politician came over and greeted us. There were about twelve families at the park that day. […]

How to speak like me – American English Native

A member named Norhafzan recently told me this: “This is interesting. I experienced this and always get stuck cause I was focusing on one word instead of try to think of other vocabulary. The ‘move like water’ thing really gets me to other level of speaking and confidence. Thanks for the concept.” Most English learners get stuck […]