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Boost Your Confidence and Fluency: Strategies for Improving Your English Communication

Boost Your Confidence and Fluency_ Strategies for Improving Your English Communication

If you need English for your career, but you still struggle to speak, this message is for you. You might sometimes have trouble finding the right words in conversations… Or get stuck translating and organizing sentences in your head before you speak… Maybe you speak too slowly… Or not at all because you worry about pronunciation […]

Uncover the Surprising Secret to Achieving Fast English Fluency

The secret to fast English fluency is not what you think

The secret to fast English fluency is not what you think. You should STOP studying English if you want to quickly become a confident speaker. What’s the secret? I’m Drew Badger, the English Fluency Guide followed by over 1.2 million English learners… I created a new way to improve your spoken English without teaching you […]

Debunking the Myth: Is English Really That Hard to Learn?

two women are discussing

English, with its rapidly expanding vocabulary, confusing grammar rules, and diverse dialects, is often perceived as difficult to learn. But is it really hard? Our Fluent For Life program will help you become fluent and confident in English. How Can English Be Challenging To Learn? Learning English can be challenging for many reasons. First, English […]

The Journey to Fluency: Understanding the Factors that Influence How Quickly You Learn English

How Long Does It Take to Become Fluent in English

The truth is that you can become a more confident, fluent English speaker in weeks, or even days, depending on how you learn. To understand why fluency is possible—no matter your age, location, or if you’re learning English by yourself—let’s take a look at what it means.

Creating Lasting Healthy Habits: How to Build a Routine That Will Revolutionize Your Life

How To Build A Routine That Will Change Your Life

Your life can be completely transformed by establishing positive rituals and routines. Most people want to feel energized, healthier, and more productive. However, making significant lifestyle changes can feel overwhelming. The key is to start small by implementing intentional morning and evening rituals. Gradually building up these routines creates momentum to form life-altering habits in […]

How English Anyone – The Vault Fluent For Life Gets You Fluent

how to speak english fluently

Most English learners KNOW a lot of English, but struggle to SPEAK because they’re missing one or more of these 3 things: 1. They don’t know conversational English. They understand English teachers, and they can follow textbooks. But they often can’t understand native speech, like slang and idioms. 2. Even if they know EVERY English word, they don’t understand the language like a native. […]

Unlocking the Mystery: Why Do English Learners Struggle to Speak Although They Know A Lot of English?

I'm scared of speaking English how can I change it

Physicist Richard Feynman once said, “If you can’t explain something in simple terms, you don’t understand it.” I agree. So, for 20 years I’ve looked for the best way to explain: 1. Why many English learners know a lot of English, yet struggle to speak 2. How you really become fluent So I wanted to ask if the following makes sense […]

Unraveling the Real Problem: Why You’re Struggling to Get Fluent in English

how to speak english fluently

Dear subscriber of 9WSODL, I wanted to share the following: This post is going to be real short and to the point but you don’t want to underrate it because this is your secret sauce of getting Fluent in English for life. I’ve spent over 20 years helping people get fluent… But if I had to […]

Breaking the Cycle: How to Break Bad Habits and Develop Good Ones

Break BAD Habits Make GOOD HABITS

It’s difficult to break bad habits, create good ones. Why? It’s hard, right? You’re learning English. You want good habits. You want to listen to your English lessons every day for an hour, maybe two hours, maybe more. But then you find you don’t. Instead, you play on your phone. You text people, you watch […]

Unlocking the Secret Language: 100 Most Common Slang Words for Everyday Situations


When you’re watching an exciting new movie with your friends, one of the actors says, “That party last night was lit!” What does “lit” mean? Was there a fire? And why did he sound so excited? This character was using a slang word to describe the party he attended. Lit means really good. People in […]