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Is ScapeMania the Next Solana? Examining the Potential for 340% Growth


Indicators suggest that SOL is poised for a substantial price surge, supported by technical indicators and investor anticipation. As it approaches the upper boundary of a bullish pattern, the potential for SOL to reach $194, an 80% jump, is worth noting. The buzz surrounding a prospective Solana ETF, mirroring the recent approval of spot Bitcoin […]

LinkedIn Shares New Insights into the Gen Z Audience on the Platform

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A new infographic on Social Media Today shows that as you’ve no doubt read many times, Gen Z is increasingly becoming a critical market for all businesses, and will soon be the largest generation of consumers around the world. That’s essentially how time works – as younger people grow up, and become adults and employees, and therefore […]

Transforming your organization to activate customer data

Transforming your organization to activate customer data

In a new article on, Snowflake’s Ganesh Subramanian maps out your organization’s marketing analytics maturity curve. “Often organizations are using a one-size-fits-all approach of sending out the same message to everyone,” said Ganesh Subramanian, Director of Product Marketing for cloud data company Snowflake, at our recent MarTech conference. Businesses that get stuck in this rut […]

The Seven Habits of Successful Content Writers

The Seven Habits of Successful Content Writers

A new article on Search Engine Journal asks how do you produce high-value writing that drives real impact day in and day out? Learn seven essential habits of successful writers. Content does one of a few different things, including: Convinces people to buy stuff. Produces ideas and articulates them. Turns information into compelling texts. Crafts stories around […]

How Does Gaslighting Look Like?

How does Gaslighting look like

This is what gaslighting looks like.Inflation this year was about 6%, meaning $100 last year would be worth roughly $94 this year.And yet they’re telling you to “invest” in vehicles that give you at most between 1 and 2%, maybe 3 if you’re lucky.Edit for clarification: those top investments are precisely the ones governments and […]