WordPress Dominates Market Share Of Top 10,000 Websites

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A new article on Search Engine Journal reports that new research highlights content management system ranking by market share with WordPress taking the lead with an incredibly impressive share.

When you mention brands that dominate the market, the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon are likely to spring to mind. Likewise, when it comes to CSM market share, it won’t surprise you to know that WordPress is dominating. But it may surprise you just how much it dominates.

WordPress now owns 44.26% of the CMS market share. Comparatively, the runner-up – Drupal – has just a 9.63% market share. Other runners up include:

  • All others – 26.64% market share.
  • Adobe Experience Manager – 8.54% market share.
  • Joomla – 2.21% market share.
  • Blogger – 1.88% market share.
  • Umbraco – 1.75% market share.
  • DataLife Engine – 1.72% market share.
  • SiteCore – 1.68% market share.
  • Shopify – 1.68% market share.

The same market share analysis was carried out on the top 1,000 websites that were identified as using a publicly available content management system, with WordPress remaining on top with a share of 31.21%. The margins for the runner-ups were a little closer in this analysis compared to the broader sample:

  • All Others – 24.11% market share.
  • Adobe Experience Manager – 16.31% market share.
  • Drupal – 11.35% market share.
  • Umbraco – 7.09% market share.
  • Arc Publishing – 2.84% market share.
  • GitHub Pages – 1.42% market share.
  • Shopify – 1.42% market share.
  • Blogger – 1.42% market share.

GigaPress had this to say about the results:

This is more than an impressive stat–it’s a testament to the ubiquity of WordPress, as well as its reliability and scalability.

That suggests an investment in a WordPress website could serve your marketing journey for much longer than you might think. Of course, the site will need to be continually maintained and optimized to assist with growth and stay current with Google Algorithm updates, but it is entirely possible that the platform will continue to operate well even if your site popularity increases considerably.

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