A quick guide in creating your market research survey

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Consumer surveys matter because, although boring, the data extracted from responses is gold. The responses provide you with a deeper understanding of customer satisfaction, their ins and outs about a product/service, their preferences, among others.

What does it take to create one?

Define your goals
Yeah for sure, you are creating a survey but what for? What do you want to achieve with all those responses you will get? Do you merely want to get post-sales customer satisfaction? Do you want their feedback and suggestions?

Identify your respondents
And you can’t just fire away your survey. Like a marksman from long range, you should identify who your respondents should be. What are the demographics? Where should your respondents be geographically located? Who should answer the survey – new customers or repeat customers?

Determine whether the data is quantitative or qualitative
If quantitative data – how many respondents took the survey from a location? What is the average respondent age? How much are they earning on average? How much are they willing to pay on average?

If qualitative data – what is their socioeconomic status? Are they satisfied with the offer you just launched a month ago? Will they buy your offer again in the future?

Use the correct survey application
There are many online survey applications available for use – SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, and Microsoft Forms are some examples. Do away with using printed surveys as manually encoding data from paper to machine is time-consuming.

We’re also sharing with you a guide to help you make informed decisions on your strategy.

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