Udemy – SELL Like HELL: Facebook Ads for E-COMMERCE Ultimate MASTERY

Learn how to SELL using Facebook Ads with an award-winning instructor. Hands on, sales focused training that gives REAL RESULTS from Facebook Conversion & Dynamic Ads, & Ecommerce,Become a Facebook Ads & Facebook Conversion Ads PROFESSIONAL – gain highly in-demand skills & BOOST YOUR BUSINESS, or get hired as an e-commerce PRO,CREATE FACEBOOK CONVERSIONS ADS THAT PUSH YOUR PURCHASES THROUGH THE ROOF!,Integrate your Facebook & Instagram Ads across Multiple Channels to MARKET 10X MORE EFFECTIVELY,Create Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences using Facebook Pixel Events -and SAVE TIME, ENERGY, & MONEY!,AVOID THE MOST COMMON ROOKIE MISTAKES THAT DRAIN YOUR FACEBOOK AD BUDGET,Find out how to set up and use the Facebook Carousel for e-commerce to POWER promote your products,Understand the VITAL importance of the three stage Customer Journey to Purchase,Follow my step-by-step PROVEN process to creating a WINNING Facebook Ad,Understand the different Facebook Ads and when and WHY you should use them,Use Facebook Business Manager to EFFICIENTLY MANAGE YOUR FACEBOOK AD CAMPAIGNS AND SAVE TIME AND HASSLE,Discover how to set up the Facebook Pixel CORRECTLY – and avoid one of the most common Facebook Marketing mistakes!,Learn how to utilise the POWER of Facebook Pixel Events – & save time by creating PERFECT AUDIENCES THAT ARE HIGHLY RECEPTIVE TO YOUR ADS,Comprehensive guide to Facebook Ad creation techniques – learn the art of successful Ad Targeting, Retargeting, Placements, & Budgeting,Use creative content like Images, Carousels, Videos & Slideshows to MAXIMISE the effect of ALL your Facebook Ads,Use targeting and retargeting to CAPTURE CUSTOMER INTEREST and precision tailor your marketing,EFFORTLESSLY create Custom Audiences from your email databases & website traffic,Source Lookalike Audiences from Facebook Pages using Facebook Pixel Events,Create Lookalike Audiences from your Custom Audiences – and TURBO CHARGE YOUR REACH,Target Custom and Lookalike Audiences using advanced Constraining techniques I’ll personally demonstrate,Use Breakdowns to extract detail from your data and gain INVALUABLE CUSTOMER INSIGHTS,Learn how to SCALE your Facebook Ad campaigns so you get the MOST from your Ad budget,EVERYTHING YOU EVER NEED TO KNOW TO SELL MORE USING FACEBOOK ADS – SIGN UP ONCE & GET CONSTANTLY UPDATED CUTTING-EDGE INSIDER STRATEGIES,No PRIOR EXPERIENCE WITH FACEBOOK ADS REQUIRED AT ALL. I’ll teach you everything from scratch, including how to SET UP your 1st Facebook Dynamic and Conversion Ads.