Udemy – Music Theory – Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Rudiments

How to read music,Understand rhythm,What are scales,What are semitones & whole tones,What are accidentals,Major scales,Minor scales,What is key signature,Determining the key signature for scales,Finding the key,Chromatic scales,Whole tone scales,Pentatonic scales,The blues scales,Octatonic scales,What are modes,Simple time,Simple duple, triple, and quadruple time,Compound time,Compound duple, triple, and quadruple time,Hybrid meters,Triplets,What are chords,Intervals,Major & minor chords,The dominant 7th chord,The diminished 7th chord,What are cadences,Perfect cadence,Plagal cadence,Imperfect cadence,Transposition,Transposing to another clef,Transposing to a new key,Transposing for other instruments,Short score Vs open score,Writing Melody,Writing a response to the melody,Key terms to know