Udemy – Financial Statement Analysis – Ratio Analysis

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List and describe the tools for financial statement analysis,Understand, calculate, and analyze horizontal analysis,Explain, calculate and analyze vertical analysis,List and describe the categories of ratio analysis,Describe liquidity ratios,Examine solvency ratios,Explain profitability ratios,Discuss market prospects ratios,Calculate and analyze current ratio, acid-test ration, and accounts receivable ratio,Analyze and compute inventory turnover ratio, days’ sales uncollected, days’ sales in inventory, and total asset turnover,Discuss and calculate debt ratio, equity ratio, debt-to-equity ratio, and times interest earned,Explain and compute profit margin ratio, gross margin ratio, and return on total assets,Describe and calculate return on equity, book value per common share, and earnings per share,Calculate and analyze price earnings ratio and dividend yield,Discuss and analyze the components of a financial statement analysis report