Webinar: Five ways you can transform your lead engagement and sales process

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Martech.org says that you can align marketing and sales throughout the buyer’s journey.

Martech says that your lead engagement process involves a lot of moving parts. It requires harmony between people and technology to work properly. But reality gets in the way. Even the most thoughtfully designed lead engagement processes fall prey to Murphy’s Law–anything that can go wrong, will–leading to disjointed Sales and Marketing relationships, awkward customer experiences, and ultimately lost revenue. While Account-Based Marketing provides the data and insights to drive personalization, left solely on human-powered customer engagement, it is not as effective in consistently delivering personalization at scale.

Conversational AI is great at delivering consistency and scale but relies on data-driven insights to deliver personalization. Imagine the possibility if you could take all the rich insights from an ABM platform and marry it with the capabilities of Conversational AI to deliver personalization at scale. That’s how Conversational ABM is born.

You can join Conversica to learn how Conversational AI helps Demand Gen and Marketing Ops leaders ward off Murphy’s Law; ensuring alignment between Sales and Marketing throughout the buyer’s journey and driving delightful experiences for prospects and customers.

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Who’s presenting?

ashmi Vittal is Chief Marketing Officer at Conversica. She brings to Conversica extensive experience in building marketing strategies and teams for both start-ups and large enterprises. Prior to joining Conversica, Rashmi led marketing for SAP Customer Data Cloud after the successful acquisition of Gigya, a customer identity management start-up, where she was responsible for the go-to-market strategy, product marketing, digital, content, communications and field marketing strategy. Rashmi has held various marketing leadership positions at IBM, Oracle and Neustar. Rashmi holds a Masters of Business Administration from the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College.

Amanda DePaul is Senior Director of Demand Generation at Conversica. She leads a team of digital, program, and events rockstars and drives the company’s pipeline generation strategy. She’s passionate about redefining traditional demand gen and blurring the line between analytical and creative functions to create more cohesive marketing campaigns and high-functioning marketing teams. Prior to Conversica, Amanda has held demand gen and ops leadership roles at Host Analytics (now Planful), Domo, and MapR Technologies.