Using Twitter to increase business conversions

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Twitter is the “third player” on social media. It’s a great community-building tool, and the buzz on Twitter is way faster than the buzz generated on Facebook or even Instagram.

And now, you not only use Twitter just for community management. Social media, in general, has evolved to be used by marketers to boost conversions. And while it takes a more specific approach, and just generally dedicated effort, you can use Twitter to increase conversions and generate sales. Read on to find out more.

1. Control your branded search with Twitter
Branded search results are very important on Twitter. Google says that at least 50% of people who know your brand will still search to learn more about your brand before making a purchase.

And your customers will see your Twitter account right on Google’s search results when searching for your brand name. Google uses a specific rich snippet for Twitter search results by showing the most recent tweets from your feed, and shows these tweets right on the search results:

You may want to consider the following:

  • Monitoring and retweeting other users’ positive feedback or brand.
  • Tweet about industry trends and studies.
  • Repurpose testimonials into tweets to bring those to your feeds as well as branded SERPs, etc.

2.Build traffic and conversions on Twitter
It’s not easy getting clicks from Twitter, as the fast-paced nature of Twitter’s news feed means users are less likely to see your sponsored tweets, and many clicks tend to be shallow and unintentional, which then lends to a higher bounce rate.

But you can still always turn those clicks into engaged traffic by:
Creating a dedicated landing page for Twitter.
Automatically engage and qualify leads.
Personalise that dedicated landing page you just created.

3. Learn from your competitors’ failures
Any sound-thinking marketer always keeps an eye out on their competitors, but are you learning from their mistakes?

The simplest way of doing this is entering “[brandname]”  into the Twitter search bar. Example:

People love to rant on Twitter, and searching for the most common rants on Twitter will, well, show your competitors’ issues which then you can learn from.

Download Premium Courses For Free- 9WSO Download