Unveiling Your Life Purpose: The Quest to Discover Your True Mission

Do you know what your life purpose is?

Why is it so important to have a life purpose or a life mission? A lot of people feel lost, like they’re trying to achieve goals, but then they don’t feel much happier as a result. The feeling of excitement or happiness may last a short time and then go away.

It was always fun to train for a marathon when I was a runner because, of course, it was not only the day of the race that I was training for a marathon. I will give you an example for myself. I actually had training six months before the race, which gave me a lot of motivation. I had a clear goal to focus on. It was very motivating.

It doesn’t matter what the problem is, the problem is that the race ended. After running the race and achieving my goal, you can lose motivation. Your goal is finished. What do you do now? So the power of goals is that they are specific. However, this is also their weakness.

It’s best if you can make one mission or purpose. This is why you also need a purpose.

What truly defines a purpose or a mission? It is the answer to the “why” behind our actions. What we require is a grand and motivating mission, one that centers on making a positive impact. Essentially, our mission should primarily revolve around aiding others. This principle, I believe, is a spiritual and dharmic law. It stimulates us much more than solely striving for personal gain. As a parent, you can relate to this concept. You would do things for your child that you wouldn’t do for yourself. You would endure hardships for your child in ways you wouldn’t for yourself. You would put in extra effort for your child that you wouldn’t for yourself. This is an overarching spiritual notion – serving others, and at its highest level, serving God, holds the utmost purpose and inspiration.

But you need to be a little more specific. You must answer the question “how” you will help others. Helping people can be done many ways. The