TikTok ad exposure nearly doubles, as does platform’s trust among marketers

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A new article on Marketing Dive reports that the number of consumers exposed to ads on TikTok nearly doubled from 19% last year to 37% this year as the video-sharing app saw skyrocketing popularity. That’s according to findings from Kantar’s second annual Media Reactions survey of marketers and consumers about their perceptions of different media brands and channels.

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As with last year, ByteDance’s video-sharing platform was viewed as delivering the most “fun and entertaining ads” by consumers, though more users are starting to experience feelings of overload. TikTok also “comfortably” secured a spot as the most innovative place for ads among marketers and saw trust levels with the group double, though it still lags behind more established competitors like YouTube, Google, and Facebook, which are seen as more trustworthy but less innovative.

A Kantar study recently found that many formats that previously proved less popular with consumers are starting to better ingratiate themselves, including online and mobile gaming ads and ads on music streaming services. Those gains were attributed to greater exposure due to the pandemic, which has spurred a radical shift to digital media.

Kantar’s latest Media Reactions report suggests the accelerated adoption of digital channels over the past year-plus has strengthened consumer perceptions and comfort with ads running in those environments.

The findings note that consumer trust in platforms often preempts that of marketers, a group that tends to be more conservative in trying to strike a balance between brand safety and innovation while juggling media budgets.

More than 900 marketing professionals and 14,500 consumers across 23 markets were polled for the research, and Kantar claims the results are representative of about 80% of global media spend.

TikTok was seen as a leading hub for innovation and entertainment on both sides of the aisle in 2021. The video-sharing app, fresh from weathering a controversy over a potential ban in the US last year, has continued to attract users in droves and recently became the first non-Facebook mobile app to surpass three billion downloads.

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