This is the reason why private English lessons don’t help you get fluency

Do you have experience taking English lessons in a classroom, online, or with a private teacher? A few? Dozens? Hundreds?

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t fully fluent even after all those lessons?

When you first became interested in learning English, you probably started looking for classes to take. Or maybe you had to take English lessons in school. But whatever you start learning, most English lessons won’t get you to fluency – no matter how many you take – because they’re incomplete.

This class will teach you a great deal, so you can now read, write, and pass some English tests. Even with native English teachers, live online classes and private, or small group, lessons use traditional language learning methods that are inappropriate for learners who want to speak.

To help you achieve fluency as quickly as possible, let’s look at why private English lessons typically fail students who want to speak, and what you should do instead.

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Fluency can be hindered by private English lessons

Taking private English lessons may seem like the best way to improve your fluency, but they have some serious draw