The Power of Employee Advocacy, and How to Establish Your EA Program

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Social Media Today says that if your brand has an established employee advocacy program, it could be wise to maximise your presence on social media. One of the best ways to boost your messaging reach is through your own employees, who can distribute your key communications throughout their own social networks.

That can significantly amplify brand outreach – for example, previous research by LinkedIn has found that when employees share brand content, they typically see 2x the click-through rate than when a company shares the same from its profile or page. And when you also consider that social platform algorithms are focused on emphasizing person-to-person engagement, as opposed to brand posts, it’s pretty clear that there are some solid potential benefits of a structured EA approach.

But it’s not about simply asking your staff to share a generic message. The best EA programs involve employee buy-in. They do that by establishing a structured approach to not only sharing itself but showcasing why it’s of benefit to them and empowering people to boost brand messages in their own way. That all starts with a strong internal culture and maximizing connection.

For more tips and insights, the team from PAN Communications recently put together this overview of effective EA strategies to help get you thinking about your own program. Check out the infographic for more detail.

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