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How to be a Profitable Trader in 7 Steps

How to be a Profitable Trader in 7 Steps

Is forex trading profitable? Is day trading profitable? Are commonly asked questions by new traders but the answer can be yes or no depending on how someone trades. Yes, trading is profitable if you have a positive expectancy model where the average win is bigger than the average loss over a series of trades. Profitability […]

Principles to Succeed in Trading and in Life

successful trader

These are the Principles to Succeed in Trading and in Life “The funny thing is that the principles you have been teaching me for trading success have also been helping me in other areas of my life. I think much more clearly about many parts of my life now. My journal has expanded into a […]

Stages of a Trader

Most new traders never make it through the learning curve and traders that are successful early on at making money only discover that they were lucky and did not have the skill they thought they did. Traders go through many stages in their development and they can’t skip a step, they must learn the lessons […]

Trading Skills Every Profitable Trader Possess

Trading Skills

Most traders that are profitable over the long term possess a distinct set of trading skills that separate them from the majority of traders that do not make money. Consistent success is a result of a systematic process that possesses an edge over the competition. Here are 10 trading skills that I have seen in […]

Why Compound Interest is the Eighth Wonder of the World

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it earns it, he who doesn’t, pays it.” -Unknown Why is compound interest considered the eighth wonder of the world? Here are three shocking examples of the exponential growth of compounding. If you start with capital and grow it an additional 1% everyday […]

Sturgeon’s Law: Why 90% of Traders Lose Money

Sturgeon’s law states “Ninety percent of everything is crap.” The saying came from the science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon. Sturgeon came to the conclusion that even though science fiction was criticized at the time (1951) for its low quality it was true for all fields. The majority of work in all professions were also low […]

Most Profitable Chart Patterns

profitable chart patterns

According to Thomas Bulkowski, the best performing and also most likely to be profitable chart patterns are: bullish flags that are high and tight that breakout to the upside and complex head and shoulders top chart patterns with breakouts to the downside. His picks are based on his exhaustive research and backtesting price action on […]