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Fibonacci Retracement Explained

fibonacci retracement explained

In technical analysis a Fibonacci retracement is a trading methodology for determining high probability support and resistance levels on a chart. It uses the Fibonacci sequence and that is where its name comes from. A Fibonacci retracement uses the theory that price swings on charts will usually retrace and backfill a mathematical portion of a […]

10 Things A Trader Needs to Give Up If They Want To Make Money

successful trader

It is easy to become obsessed with adding to our trading arsenal with knowledge, books, chart patterns, indicators, moving averages, and gurus, that we forget to analyze what we need to remove from our plan. One of the largest determining factors as to whether a new trader ends up as a winning trader, is how […]

A Guide To Understanding the Psychology of Trading

psychology of trading

The hardest thing about trading is not the math, the method, or the stock picking. It is dealing with the emotions that arise with trading itself along with the ego’s need to be right. From the stress of entering a trade, to the fear of losing the open paper profits that you are holding in […]

Without this, you will not become a profitable trader

risk management

Yes, this is risk management. Without proper risk management, your trading strategy based on levels, indicators, patterns, etc.will not make any sense.Any trading strategy should be supported by strict risk management, where the maximum allowable losses per transaction and the risk ratio are observed:the profit is always more than 1/2. You don’t have to be […]

The Top Ten Trades of All Time

top 10 trades of all time

What were the greatest trades of all time? Here is the list of the who, what, when, where, and how of the greatest trades in the financial markets were made While the risk management of executing many of these trades is not what many traders would want, we can see many of these as trend […]

Why Losers Don’t Belong in Your Life

Why Losers Dont Belong in Your Life

I never understood why traders held losing trades for too long. Our goal is to make money, isn’t it? And yet, we’ve all held onto something negative for too long; a losing trade for a few days, a bad marriage for a decade, smoking for a couple of decades, or any number of other things […]

Does Technical Analysis Work?

financial business stock market graph chart candle stick screen monitor

“ I always laugh at people who say “I’ve never met a rich technician” I love that! Its such an arrogant, nonsensical response. I used fundamentals for 9 years and got rich as a technician.” – Marty Schwartz Many people believe technical analysis is complete silliness. How can someone make money on lines and patterns […]

Wonderful thing about trading

stock trading

One of the great things about the market is, the markets don’t care about you. The market doesn’t care what color you are. The markets don’t care if you are short or tall. They don’t care about anything. They don’t care whether you leave or stay… I met the guy who wrote this best seller […]

What Causes A Chart Pattern?

A chart pattern is a visual representation of the actions of buyers and sellers in a market recorded in price action. A chart is not predictive of the future but shows what is happening with buyers and sellers in the present moment.The price action on a chart gives a trader signals about the current trend […]