A Surprising story about English Fluency

Here’s the thing. Today, I’m going to share with you a surprising story about English Fluency I just had with a Japanese woman in Nagasaki’s street. You’ll be surprised about the secret to speak English like a Native. I’ll have my words.

A few minutes ago, I was in a convenience store here in Nagasaki getting a bottle of water…

Right after I paid, the Japanese woman behind the counter said, “Thank you so much!” with some of the smoothest, most natural pronunciation I’ve ever heard from a Japanese person.

I thought I was in a store back in the US!

I was so surprised that I asked if she spoke English.

When she said she didn’t, I said, “You certainly DO because you just did!” 🙂

Many learners are nervous about speaking because they think they need to know EVERYTHING.

Or they worry about saying the WRONG THING.

But the key to being really impressive and memorable is saying everyday things well.

I’m talking about typical, basic expressions, but spoken like you really believe English is “your” language.

Does that make sense?

This woman blended her words perfectly, instead of trying to overpronounce words, or sound too formal:

thain kyu suh much

When you’re surprising and memorable, doors open for you.

So do the everyday things well – like blending your words in a relaxed way – and people will think you’re amazing. 🙂

If you’d like help with this, discover some of my best secrets for speaking naturally and confidently here:

Enjoy your day!

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