Success Rate of Popular Patterns

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Success Rate of Popular Patterns- 9WSO Download

Remember Do not trade solely on Patterns only. Ultimately, traders should seek out the best combination of patterns and price action to create an analysis strategy that works for them. Experiment with different approaches and combinations until you discover a method that suits your trading strategy and goals.

Here are the success rates for these patterns:
Inverted Head and Shoulders Pattern (83.44%)
Head and Shoulders Pattern (83.04%)
Bearish Rectangle Pattern (79.51%)
Bullish Rectangle Pattern (78.23%)
Triple Bottom Pattern (79.33%)
Triple Top Pattern (77.59%)
Double Bottom Pattern (78.55%)
Double Top Pattern (75.01%)
Ascending Channel Pattern (73.03%)
Descending Triangle Pattern (72.93%)
Ascending Triangle Pattern (72.77%)
Bull Flag Pattern (67.13% Success)
Bear Flag Pattern (67.72% Success)
Bullish Pennant Pattern (54.87%)
Bearish Pennant Pattern (55.19%)

These success rates presented are the result of a study conducted by a group of professional traders. They studied 10 different patterns independently from one another in 5 different markets (Forex, Futures , Equities, Crypto and Bonds), for a time period of 22 months with more than 50 case studies for each and every single pattern.

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