Spent $300 on PPC Ads and 0 sales? Here’s the solution

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One of my friend asked me today:

Hi, I’ve tried promoting 3 Clickbank products on Bing ads. I used direct links in my campaigns so I didn’t use any custom landinage page. The thing is that none of my ads have tasted success.

I’ve got 100+ hops on each of those all 3 products but 0 sale as of now. All 3 products have Gravity>70.

I figure that my keyword strategy is feeble. I’ve used good keywords phrase match and exact match both consisting product name and buyer intent keywords like review,discount and offer etc. But still no sale yet.

What should I do? I’m losing hope.

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Here’s what I give my recommendation to him and I suppose that it might be good for advertisers whether you are experienced or beginners to some extent. Check it out:

Not many people will be ready to buy right away after clicking an ad.. especially if its a digital product like Clickbank. To me, that’s your issue, not the keywords you are targeting. They’ve never seen your product before, they don’t trust who’s selling it or really understand how it will solve their problems.

You need to develop a relationship with your visitors and offer them value first before selling them something. PPC ads to a squeeze page would work better and you also get multiple opportunities to sell to them through email instead of hoping for the best.

Do not use direct links in your campaigns. Instead of this you should setup and WordPress site and then publish reviews of products on your site. Then you can put your website link in your campaign that is I am doing from last 12 years and getting good results. A review site is very good and you can capture your visitor email also so that you can send them some mails regularly and promote the products.

I suggest you to setup a review site and do some SEO and build some quality backlinks so that you can get free targeted traffic from google and other search engine. Invest in your website at the very beginning not Ads and then spend money in the PPC ads when you have some data and traffic to your site.

The things you are missing are all the things you do before you send traffic to clickbank. That’s the content marketing, lead nurturing, value giving.. the things that make people like you, trust you, and trust your recommendations.

This is all part of the learning process.

Some things work and some things don’t.

You need to assess what happened, what you could have done differently, whether the products you were advertising were in demand, and keep trying different methods until something works.

Don’t give up.

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