SEO strategies that no longer work in 2021

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We know the drill – we enrol in SEO-courses, take exams, learn the best methods, and put them to good use. Over time these strategies become obsolete and are superseded by newer techniques, while others become industry-specific.

Either way, let’s talk about some of the most common SEO strategies that no longer work, or have become obsolete in 2021.

Duplicate content

Yes, content is still king, however if that content is duplicate and low-quality then it will affect your SEO rankings negatively. Nothing beats original and high-quality content.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a method used by many marketers to create a lot of backlinks. At best, it’s a valid link-building strategy that lets you build website authority and adds real value to your blog. At its worst, it’s an annoying automated email pitch that has no value and only sneaks links onto someone else’s website.

Content spinning

Content spinning is basically refreshing an old content by making minor changes to make it look like it’s a whole new thing. This results in pages with very low-quality content and Google algorithm usually ignores or penalises such pages.

Not optimising your website for mobile

To stay competitive in the market, websites should be optimised for mobile devices. I mean, it’s pretty much obvious – we spend more time on our smartphone screens than laptop screens. And if a user doesn’t see what they’re looking for on a non-optimised website, they’ll quickly leave and move on to another site.

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