LinkedIn Publishes New Guide on Effective Brand Building Strategies

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A new article on Social Media Today reports that LinkedIn has published a new guide to help businesses maximize their longer-term branding goals, in alignment with short-term sales targets, in order to improve their overall marketing performance as we look towards the next stage.

The pandemic has obviously impacted all marketing approaches, and as LinkedIn notes, it’s important for brands to keep their longer-term prospects in mind while also managing immediate pressures.

“We’ve seen a number of changes and shifts take place since the onset of last year’s pandemic. One of them is the recommended ratio of marketing investment into long-term brand vs short-term demand objectives.

Previously, marketers were investing an estimated 45% of their budget into brand marketing. Today, the recommended split is 60/40 in favor of brand. This doesn’t mean demand generation tactics should be left behind, but generally speaking, marketers should really be leaning into brand-building as a central complement and precursor.

In our new guide, Brand to Demand: Harmonizing Long-term Brand Strategy with Short-term Activation Tactics, we offer advice on finding your best balance with a full-funnel approach that aligns with evolving buyer behaviors and market realities.

Short-term sales activation messages are unlikely to be a hit right now, which is why your brand is more important than ever. Binet and Field are two of B2B marketing’s leading thinkers on brand effectiveness, and they are pretty clear on what works. Brand building – broader messaging that works on an emotional level – is far more effective at driving long-term growth. And that’s exactly what content marketing can help you achieve. Just as importantly, those emotions are absolut