Learn about American fast food

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Lesson Transcript

Alisha: Hi, everybody. Welcome back to English Topics. My name is Alisha. And, today, I’m joined again by…
Davey: Hi, I’m Davey.
Alisha: Welcome back, Davey. And, today, we are going to be talking about “Famous American Fast-food Restaurants.” So, I hope you’re hungry. I’m slightly hungry. Let’s discuss some things that maybe people outside the US haven’t heard of before, maybe you have, I don’t know. I’m going to start with one, probably the most obvious one today. I chose it. I chose “Taco Bell” as my first one because I have a strong affinity, I have a strong connection to Taco Bell because when I was a high school student, it was like the cheapest thing you could get in terms of fast-food restaurants. They had a deal. It was like three tacos for a dollar or something like that, something extremely cheap. Because the idea of the food there–it’s just a taco shell with like some questionable meat like substance and a sprinkle of questionable cheese. Everything is questionable at Taco Bell. And then, everything—
Davey: Yeah, it used to be their slogan, I think.
Alisha: “Everything Is questionable at Taco Bell. Ding!”
Davey: Yeah, they went first run for the border, right? Has a better ring to it.
Alisha: Aha! Run for the border of your digestive system.
Davey: Oh…
Alisha: So, anyway, I chose Taco Bell because it was everything high school, me and my high school friends, everything we loved. It was cheap and it was cheesy and it was meaty and you could eat a bunch of them and there was spicy sauce for the people who decided to be stupid and just try to