Increase your web traffic this 2021 with these techniques

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You just launched a website for your new product. Everything works – updated design, links working. But there’s no traffic, so what are you gonna do? Read on below to know more.

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1. Optimize your website for search
Find keywords that best fit with your niche. You could have two to three keywords per webpage, and focus on these keywords that have a search volume of under 10,000.

2. Build out your backlinks
Backlinks help drive traffic to your website, and also tells Google that your website is trustworthy and relevant.

3. Study the competition
Analyse your competitors’ websites. You can use Alexa, a free tool which lets you search a website and look at the lists of websites that were visited immediately before landing on your competitor’s website.

4. Start a podcast
Podcasting has a lot of benefits, but I’d like to focus on these:

  • Brand awareness – Spotify users, in particular, listen to podcasts and there is a chance they’ll discover your brand through your podcast.
  • SEO – transcribed text from podcasts mean they’re searchable.

5. Instagram marketing
Instagram is a hit with every marketer because of the platform’s business-friendly features and a massive audience size. You can hire influencers, and feature your products on the new Shops tab.

6. Engage in email marketing
Email marketing is still a tried-and-tested method of driving website traffic to your store as long as customers stay subscribed. You also reach your customers more directly, as opposed to merely posting on social media sites and hoping that people click.

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