Increase engagement and conversion with these visual presentation tips

Increase engagement and conversion with these visual presentation tips- 9WSO Download
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Picture this. You’re in a Zoom meeting with a prequalified client, and you’re about to make that presentation to that client.

Yes, with remote meetings come these presentations which have essentially become the norm as everyone suddenly started working from home during the onset of the pandemic. And while presentations do get the job done in delivering content to your audience, a boring preso will kill your audiences’ attention. Read on.

Less is better

Gone are the days when preso decks are filled with long paragraphs that would beat a college senior’s dissertation. Avoid long and eye-straining texts. Use bulleted points or single-line sentences. Also, use a sans serif font such as Helvetica or Robot or Segoe UI, but don’t also use the default font that comes with your presentation app.

Maximise visuals

Always reinforce your text with the appropriate visuals. This will help arouse the audience’s interest in the content, and makes the presentation more entertaining and more interesting.

Create a thought flowchart

Having a table of contents helps organise the content to reduce confusion. This allows the audience to have a grasp of what’s being presented. If you’re a good digital storyteller, this should be pretty easy for you.

Ask questions

Don’t just jibber and jabber. Some presenters prefer asking questions at the end of a slide, while others prefer banking their questions and have them asked during a separate Q&A session. The important thing is that any questions the audience has are clarified.

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