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Some of you may of heard of this but for the new comers trying to drive traffic to their website this is a real gem.

I’m talking about Quora…

Over 300 million visits and high quality traffic.

You will need a account to get started, once you have signed up fill out your profile as much as possible. Try to look as professional as you can.

You will then need to create a ad. Don’t worry we wont be creating a advert or spending any money. We want to click on questions, then add bulk keywords.

This will give you relevant questions related to your main keyword.

You will see next to the questions the average weekly search volume. This is the golden nugget.

Have a search on google to also see if the question is ranking, this is just more free traffic if it is.

Open up the question in a new tab and answer the question with a detailed answer. Include a image with your question.

You can use a article writing software like article forge so the article is 100% unique and related to the question. Edit where you see fit.

You are looking for questions with not too many answers ideally.

This works great for clickbank products in the fitness niche as well as lots of other niches.

Don’t over do the self promotion or include links in every answer. You will get traffic to your profile page if people see as a professional

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