How casinos adapt to changing market conditions (and you should do too)

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Back in the 80s, it was easy to make money as a casino because there’s little to no competition.
Then, competition stepped in as more casinos entered the business. And the players got “smarter”.
At this point, market conditions have changed.
And if a casino refuses to adapt to changing market conditions, it’ll go out of business.
So what happened?
Casinos “levelled-up” and offered better services — free accommodation, free transport, VIP treatment, etc. Those that didn’t adapt went out of business.
And this is the same for trading.
Market conditions change and you must adapt to it.
For example…
If your trading strategy only makes money in an uptrend, then do you have a plan when it goes into a bear market?
If your trading strategy only makes money in a range market, then what happens when it breaks out and starts trending?
Pro Tip:
Before you trade any strategy, backtest it to make sure it can survive different market conditions (like uptrend, downtrend, recession, etc.)
This gives you confidence that your trading strategy is robust and able to withstand different market conditions.

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