High Ticket Prospecting Method That Works (Step by Step)

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A little while ago I sat down to try this “new” prospecting method. Once I implemented it, I had two clients paying me $5000 each per month for a service I was offering.

Here’s what I did.

The “new” prospecting method is… cold callnig.

I know. You’ve heard about it. Nothing new, right? But have you tried it and made it work for yourself?

(I do a LOT of prospecting in my business. Most of it hands off. Prospecting is definitely not the easiest, but it WORKS.)

Cold calling is an incredible and extremely inexpensive way to prospect easily. You only need two things, and even those you only need if you want to speed things up a bit.

So here’s the breakdown.

1. Buy a calling list.

I use sales data pro. They have very accurate B2B lists with good, real phone numbers. Great company.

2. Get a dialer.

I use Xencall. Again, a fantastic service, easy to use and will work on any operating system.

3. Load up your list into your Xencall.

This is a little involved because you have to have the data properly formatted but it’s not hard, and Xencall customer support is fantastic. Give them a ring if you get in trouble.

4. Get a book to read while you cold call.

Cold calling is a numbers game and if you just sit there waiting for that beep in your headset you’ll get really bored really quickly. Grab a book, or a game on your phone that you can read while you do calls.

Cold calling is a bit repetitive because you same then same thing over and over and a little distraction goes a long way.

Reason for cold calling.

The reason for cold calling is to talk to people that might be interested to sit down with you on zoom for about 45 minutes so that you can sell them. In my business we use cold calling as a strictly appointment setting process.

If you do this for long enough you WILL get clients (assuming you know a little bit about how to sell, but that’s a different post for another day…)

Hope this helps.


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