Gumtree Embraced What People Really Thought of its Re-commerce Site and Turned That into Creative Go

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A new article on ADWEEK says that every brand needs a platform that sets it apart from the competition, and asks how do existing brands break new ground?

In this video, Wieden+Kennedy and re-commerce-site Gumtree share how they harnessed the power of creativity and YouTube targeting to create the campaign “Good Finds” and stake a new claim in the online marketplace space. Here are some lessons they learned along the way. It’s hard to persuade your audience to see your product in a new light if you don’t understand how they see it now. That’s the view of Brain Ritter, planning director at Wieden+Kennedy:

When we talked to the audience, we realized they would be like ‘sometimes you have to sift through a lot of things to find the thing you’re looking for’… but they took a lot of pride in that.

Hannah Rouch, CMO at Gumtree, explains that when you understand what’s true about your brand, you can unlock powerful creative ideas:

Because we’re people-powered, there are typos on listings … or a selfie when someone’s selling a mirror, but that’s the beauty of Gumtree–and ‘Good Finds’ embraces that.

The team found that harnessing a truth that’s unique to the brand provides a launchpad for