Google’s John Mueller Says Now is The Perfect Time For an SEO Side Hustle

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A new article on Search Engine Journal says that with the impending launch of the Page Experience update, Google’s John Mueller has come out and said that now is the right time to get into optimizing websites.

Google’s John Mueller just responded to a user in a thread on Reddit saying that it’s a great time to launch a side hustle. The comment concerned was positive about the coming update:

“I started optimizing our company’s WordPress website in August last year, and we saw a nice increase in organic traffic the very next month (we’d had a downtrend for the previous six months). However, the most dramatic increase happened this year – we’ve doubled the monthly organic sessions from January to March, thanks in large part to speed optimizations: for example, a five years old article rose in ranks for a high volume keyword from page 4 to position 3 and is now sitting behind a 99 DA website and a 98 DA website. Our website has a DA of 27.”

At the end of the comment, the user said they were thinking of turning the experience they gained into a side hustle. Mueller came back with this:

“Regarding side-hustle: speed improvements with an SEO-mindset can be super-hard if you’ve never done it before. A good consultant who helps a site get into the green can be worth a lot of money. If you like this kind of work, if you like working on a low level on websites, and have practice with various setups / CDNs / plugins / frameworks, now’s the perfect time to level up and get paid well for it.”

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