Google Just Launched a New Overview of Pandemic Trends

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A new article on Social Media Today says that Google has just launched a revealing overview of what it’s calling ‘lockdown trends.’ They represent a daily overview of the hobbies and interests that saw the biggest increases in search volume during the last year.

Simon Rogers is Data Editor at Google News Lab:

I’ve never spent as much time at home as I have in the last year. Of course, I’m not the only one. Over the past year or so of quarantine, I’ve found myself searching for new things to do. I searched for “cheesemaking” when my kids asked me to play sous chef, and for “bird watching” and “how to create container gardens” when we started spending more time outside. Like so many people, I looked up recipes for baking bread. My quarantine search history feels like a bingo card for hobbies. This made me wonder what other people were searching for during the pandemic — and how have these interests changed over time?

To get an idea, we worked with design studio Polygraph (creators of The Pudding) to create a new interactive tool that allows us to dig deeper into what captivated our year of social distancing. With this new calendar view, you can see what hobbies and interests were trending on any specific day a year ago in the U.S. Each day reflects the topic that saw the greatest growth in search queries compared to one year prior. You can also learn more about a specific topic by visiting the Google Trends website.”

The listing provides a day-by-day calendar view on the left, which gives users information concerning what hobby or interest saw the biggest increase in search volume on that day.

Users can also view what appears in Google’s search results for each hobby by tapping on the hobby. This is an excellent source of guidance for marketing efforts and could help you open up new opportunities. It’s well worth checking out.

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