Five productivity apps every marketer must have this 2021

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Five productivity apps every marketer must have this 2021- 9WSO Download

It’s 2021, where almost every app can be downloaded from an app store, for free. And as a digital marketer, you’ll benefit from these productivity apps. Here’s a rundown of the five most important productivity apps you’ll need.

Microsoft 365

At the first of the list is the quintessential productivity suite from Microsoft. And it’s pretty much self-explanatory – we all use Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and maybe OneDrive. You can use these accounts for free with a Microsoft account, or simply sign in when your organisation already uses Microsoft 365.


Zoom has taken the world by storm, and has especially seen exponential growth at the start of the pandemic last year. The videoconferencing app is notable for its simple interface and quick setup, something that’s sorely lacking in its primary competitors, mainly Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.


Like Zoom, Canva has also taken the world by storm. And if you have used Canva, you know it’s very simple to use – you just create your account, and that’s it. You can create practically everything on Canva too, from presentations to resumes to social media posts, to business cards, and even videos.


Every email marketer knows that MailChimp is the essential, well, email marketing tool to automate campaigns. Whether you’re working in a startup, or someone in the realms of Elon Musk or Satya Nadella, MailChimp is the perfect choice to increase the open rate of your marketing emails.


It can be quite daunting managing multiple social media accounts, and having to switch between apps and platforms. And then there’s Hootsuite, which basically acts as a singular platform to manage all your social media accounts.

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