Facebook’s New Podcast Listening Tools are Set to Be Launched Next Week

Facebooks New Podcast Listening Tools- 9WSO Download

A new article on Social Media Today reports that Facebook is moving to the next stage with its podcast/Page integration plan. That promises to provide more ways for podcasters to promote their podcast content in-app by directly connecting their audio content back to their Facebook audiences for listening in-stream.

This was originally reported by The Verge. Facebook is now contacting selected Page owners with a new notification. That says that they will be able to connect their podcast’s RSS feed into their Facebook Page, which will then automatically generate connected, playable News Feed posts for all episodes published moving forward.

The notification explains that users will be able to ‘listen to every episode directly on Facebook’ via its new podcast integration tools, starting from June 22nd. The notification also refers to a new podcast tab on Pages, which hasn’t been officially confirmed as yet, but is also likely coming soon. Facebook first outlined its plans for a podcast integration process back in April as part of its broader suite of audio social tools, in response to the rise of Clubhouse.

“Within the next few months, you’ll be able to listen to podcasts directly on the Facebook app – both while using the app or when the app is backgrounded. And because it’s still hard to discover podcasts you like, we will help you easily find new podcasts and episodes based on your interests, comment on them and recommend them to your friends.”

Facebook Page followers will now be able to discover relevant podcasts from the people that they’re already interested in. That will also provide another avenue for podcast promotion to the social media app’s 2.85 billion users.