Facebook Will Soon Enable Businesses to Create Facebook Ads Within WhatsApp’s Business Tools

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A new article on Social Media Today reports that with Facebook working to make WhatsApp a more all-encompassing tool for business and personal use, it’s also looking to provide more promotional tools for brands on WhatsApp, in order to raise awareness of their connection options via message.

But there aren’t any ads in WhatsApp, given ads in direct messaging threads are hated by most of the people (and ads in WhatsApp Status have also been canned). So instead, Facebook’s looking to producea brand new option for businesses on WhatsApp, which can enable them to make Facebook promotions within their WhatsApp business tools that link back to their WhatsApp presence, tapping into the combined popularity of the 2 platforms.

While brands areready to create Facebook ads that link back to WhatsApp for a protracted time, that they hadto travel through Facebook’s Ad Manager to try to to that. The new process will provide that within WhatsApp itself. This from CNN:

Business users will now be ready to select an item from their catalog and quickly turn it into a Facebook or Instagram ad with a button directing viewers back to their WhatsApp profile.

That effectively release fresh cross-promotional potential for businesses on WhatsApp – which reportedly has around 70 million users within the US alone, while Facebook has quite 200 million, so that’s plenty of crossovers. In India, WhatsApp is massively popular, having some 459 million active users. Facebook has 320 million Indian users – which also means many Indian WhatsApp users don’t seem to be reachable via Facebook.

I have to be totally honest here. except foranything and this being an extra method for marketers, I’m just glad there won’t be actual ads on WhatsApp – when news of this development began to break, i used to befull of dread!

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