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Hello VIP and welcome to this month’s training. This is a passionate topic of mine, so let’s get started. The topic is Fight the Good Fight. That’s actually an idiom, a common phrase in American English. What this means is, fight for your principles. Fight for something noble or good and do your best and constantly fight for it.That is the topic I want to talk about this month, fighting the good fight in some aspect of your life.Now, this is exactly the opposite of what we are, in fact, taught every single day. We are not taught to fight the good fight in schools. We certainly aren’t taught to fight the good fight in our jobs. In fact, we are discouraged from doing that. We are encouraged rather, to be obedient. We are encouraged to conform. We’re encouraged to follow the rules, whether they’re good rules or not, whether they serve people or not we’re taught to just follow the rules and be like everybody else. Follow the policy and do what you’re supposed to do, which means do what everybody else is doing. This, in my opinion, is the reason we have so many problems in the world. It’s not because we have a lot of evil people and horrible leaders. We do have a lot of evil people and horrible leaders, but here’s the thing they can’t do all these terrible things by themselves. No, they have millions and millions of normal people doing their bad work for them.We blame the President, politicians and big bankers for causing the wars, for example, but it’s the millions of soldiers who are actually shooting the people and bombing them. They’re just following the rules, doing what they’re told, being normal and patriotic; they’re conforming. It’s the same in companies, right? We have these company scandals where we find out these companies are cheating, doing terrible things like polluting the environment, dumping poisons in the water and people are shocked and surprised and then they blame some big person in the company.And yes those people deserve blame they’re terrible people, but it’s actually the everyday workers who are doing those things. What about just the guy who was picking up the bottles of poison and pouring them into the water? We say he was doing what he was told, poor guy. That’s bullshit! He knew he was doing something bad and he did it anyway. Conformity is not an excuse. Everyone knows this say, when we look at World War II or something, that oh yeah those terrible German soldiers. But then in our modern life all the time, it’s constantly happening all these terrible things, we want to point the finger at the leaders