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Engage major muscles for continued results and maximize your workout with high-intensity 90-second sequence training. Perform intense exercises for 90 seconds followed by a strength-training movement or rest period. Then follow with another 90-second sequence. It’s a fun, fast-paced way to burn calories and build muscle in the same workout.

  • 8-week training program allows you to break through your workout plateau

  • Uses high-intensity 90-second sequence training to burn calories and build muscle

  • Includes 4-week digital nutrition guide to build a balanced diet (PDF)

  • Digital fitness journal allows you to track progress (PDF)

  • Digital workout calendar plots your course to physical fitness (PDF)

SIZE: 3,2 GB


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Weider – X-Factor ST 8 Week Training  Program Contents: Videos, Pdfs



Size: 3,2 GB