Powerbuilding Program - Shmondenko Vladimir

Powerbuilding Program – Shmondenko Vladimir

Men Workout

  • Nutrition guide: How to calculate your calorie intake for gaining and shredding. Gaining and shredding step by step, including my diet principles and all about proteins, fats and carbs. Examples of menus etc. And the supplements I take
  • Videos about supplements: My top supplements, exactly what I use. Lots of great information about supplements, vitamins etc
  • Videos tutorials: Video tutorials about: My training principles, recovery and my training experience
  • Training programs for gym and home workouts. You can choose a program according to your goals and your preferences.
  • Abs and core workut: Training for ABS & CORE that you can add to your main training routine.

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Powerbuilding Program – Shmondenko Vladimir Contents:   Videos, Pdfs