Polarity Spike by Veronica Sex Life

“How many men has your lover slept with before she met you?”

You don’t want to answer that question, and you shouldn’t!

However, have you ever played a couple question game?

Did you discover that your questions were not right for you and that you ended up learning things you didn’t want about your loved one?

We have created a question game for masculines-Keep feminine polarity in your mind!

How does it work?

This works by asking you questions that make you (the guy) appear more experienced to your lover.

The questions you will ask your woman lover (the man) will make her feel innocent, inexperienced, and vulnerable. “small”.

This will increase the masculine appeal-You and your female polarity.

You can also try Googling “couples question game” You will be recommended by your partner to ask them questions like:

  • “Have you ever had a threesome?”
  • “Have you ever tried swinging?”
  • “Have you ever tried anal sex?”

Three problems arise when your lover answers questions like these:

  • This could reveal to you that she is the most experienced partner. If this happens, you may be less likely to take her seriously.
  • Knowing about the sexual history of a lover is uncomfortable. Men want to know as much as possible about their partner. “innocent”.
  • It makes your lover reminisce fondly on the exciting times that were not shared with you.

What kind of questions are you asking? Polarity Spike?

Your lover will get 50 questions and you’ll get 50.

The booklet will explain every question you ask, the reason you should ask it, and how you can answer it.

These are the questions that you will ask your lover: (These questions are not part of the ‘About Us’ section. Polarity Spike)

  • “What’s the most pathetic thing a man has ever done in a relationship with you?”
  • “If you had to give me a blowjob and make me finish in 1 minute, what would you do to make it happen?”
  • “Would you rather we had sex in a dark cave or on top of a mountain?”

They are meant to make her feel negative about other men and keep her responses focused on serving you.

You might be asked these questions by your lover: (These questions aren’t part of the overall package. Polarity Spike)

  • “What’s your favourite hair colour on a woman?”
  • “Do you prefer to tie a woman to a bed or a chair?”
  • “What bores you during sex?”

Although these questions may seem straightforward at first, there’s so much to them when they are answered correctly.

In a playful way that suggests your high level of experience in the bedroom, you’ll be shown how you can answer all 50 questions.

This will cause the polarity to rise very high.

A dice game that incorporates Masculine is also available-Feminine Polarity Keep in Mind…

You’ll have played the couples dice before. This involves you listing 6 bodily parts and 6 sexual actions. Then, you roll a die to determine what you get.

Let’s take, for instance… “Lick, Neck”.

So we created a simple dice-game with separate rolls for men & women.

The 1-6 options are perfect for the needs of both genders.

Each game has 4 sections.

  • Pre-Foreplay
  • Foreplay
  • Darker Foreplay
  • Sex Positions

There is a woman’s and a man’s version for each section. The sex positions can be done as a joint venture.

This is an example how each sheet should look. (This is the section that you will use at the end of the sex. Your lover must obey the dice if she rolled them.)

This dice game is designed to help you and your partner build MASSIVE sexual polarity, sexual tension, and rekindle your love.

You will feel a lot of sexual tension when you wait to see what the result is.

We call them:

  • The game of naughty confessions
  • Adults hide and seek

These two additional games are merely supplementary and will be fully explained inside the product.

These games can be used immediately if you are looking for a unique and fun way to tease or turn on your loved one.



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