George Hutton - Humor Brilliance

George Hutton – Humor Brilliance

Cheer Everybody Up, Be The Life of Every Party, And Turn Bad Moods Into Rapturous Reasons To Laugh Out Loud

This course has seven sections.

Each section has a short coaching sessions with the necessary conscious ideas and exercises.

Three, one hour subliminal session to program your deep mind with the structural belief system necessary to make even the angriest strangers laugh and feel glad they met you.

And a powerful, deeply hypnotic guided meditation, a visualization to help cement in and make real the beliefs programmed into your subconscious by the subliminal programming sessions.

Section Descriptions

Social Calibration

Understand why you, (yes you) have a humor instinct built into your brain.

Understand how to use this instinct the way nature intended and make everybody around you as happy as you want.

Why a highly refined set of humor skills are the baseline of a powerful communicator.

The deeper skills of emotional intelligence, and how demonstrating a strong sense of humor will imply this sought after trait.

Linguistic Genius

The nuts and bolts of all playground humor.

Why jokes are funny, but only if we get them.

The two types of ambiguity found in all short riddles and long setup jokes and how to write never before heard jokes.

How to practice so word and phrase reframes become second nature, give you in the moment, silliness superpowers.

Meaning Master

How to reframe deeper, more serious ideas into laugh out loud, more resourceful ways of looking at the world.

The one linguistic reframing technique that is found in all Hollywood blockbuster comedies.

How this one linguistic reframing technique will give you deep access into everybody’s brain, whether they know it or not.

How to develop the skill of interpreting reality any way you wish, and why this will make you the go-to authority people depend on.


The one technique that will allow you to get away with saying anything in any situation, and never, ever get into trouble.

How to look directly into anybody’s eyes and utter the most sexually explicit suggestion without getting slapped.

Why you’ll get all the credit if this technique words, but absolutely none of the blame if it doesn’t.

How to borrow energy, confidence, and even intelligence from your invisible army of imaginary friends, whenever you need it.

Spontaneity Generator

The one skill that will put you head and shoulders above every other wanna be joke telling goof you’ll ever meet.

How to practice this and build up an infinite idea humor matrix in your brain.

How to leverage the fact that most people only use their brains as copying and pasting, or copying and repeating devices.

Why your brain will seem like a magnificent bastion of gloriously unbeatable humor as a result.

Comedy Genius

How to put all these skills together and become the most entertaining party guest they’ve ever imagined.

How to make listening to you riff at parties much, much more interesting than their favorite YouTube comedians.

Why these skills will help you catapult your career in any direction, serious or not.

How to take any brain you find and leave it much better off, quivering with silliness in a pool of pleasure.

Lovable Frame

The deep frame energy to cultivate that will make everything you say incredible engaging and powerful.

How to develop the subconsciously projected energy of helping everybody around you feel better.

Why after you develop this powerfully attractive and congruent frame, people will enjoy standing next to you if you never even utter a single word.

How to develop such a magnetic and lovable reputation, people will be excited to see you, even if they’ve never met you.

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