Breatheology Advanced - Stig Severinsen

Breatheology ADVANCED is the ultimate course in breathwork.

The course starts with the fundamentals breathing and relaxation course plus breathwork exercises for improving performance, endurance and mental strength in any sport, land or water or stressed situations.


The Advanced Course has been created by combining all of the information from our best-selling Fundamentals Course, higher level education from our Certified Instructor Course plus more.

The Advanced Course includes newly produced and highly requested targeted coaching protocols in the “Profiles in Breathing” section.  These protocols were created personally by Stig and Sean Coakley, Global Master Instructor, and organized in the following profile areas: Optimizing Performance, Strengthening Health, and Improving Stress Resilience.

In addition and based on his personal training and world record level performances Stig shares the importance of achieving the “Flow State” as part of your physical, mental and emotional training so you can become your best self.

Last but not least we have added even more value for you by including 3 specific training to enhance your training even further:

“Super Human Lungs”, “Breath and Movement Coordination for High Performance” and “Ultimate Water Survival”

Please note this course is open to anyone with an interest in reaching their highest levels of performance.

SIZE: 17,3 GB

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Breatheology Advanced – Stig Severinsen Contents:   Videos, Pdfs, Audios, Jpgs