Alexey Welsh - The Perfect Lover

Alexey Welsh – The Perfect Lover


  • In-depth explanation of how women work, how they think, what they need in sex.

  • The most advanced and effective techniques I have gathered over 20 years of work.

  • All the techniques for every part of her body.

  • All the techniques for every part of sex (arousal, foreplay, oral, intercourse, etc)

  • Full range of female orgasm and highest orgasmic states: all the best practices.

  • Best techniques to not only give pleasure – but also give her love, connection and satisfaction on soul level.

  • Best tools to create variety, spontaneity, freshness, and avoid routine.

  • Best ways for you to relax, take off pressure and make sex easie

  • Best methods to make sex longer – but better.

  • Best methods for non-ejaculatory orgasmic experiences, retention and increasing your enjoyment.

  • Step-by-step practical process to uplevel your skills in all these areas.



  • A full understanding of all the DIFFERENT things women truly need from sex (there isn’t only one!).

  • Complete knowledge of her whole erogenous body. Full set of ultimate advanced techniques to play her body everywhere like a maestro, in a way nobody has before.

  • A real understanding of her arousal. Several ways of arousing her and full mastery of foreplay technique. Stuff that truly works for REAL women (3 cheap tips are not enough, sorry).

  • Super-skills to activate her sexual energy most powerfully. Not just ‘excite’ her but really activate her full sexual richness.

  • Complete mastery over all the sexual areas: breasts, clitoris, vagina. Ultimate detailed technique for diverse experiences.

  • Complete mastery of all parts of sex: intercourse, oral, hands, with variations.

  • Knowledge of all her highest orgasmic experiences: The whole spectrum of deep and powerful orgasmic potential she can have. Orgasmicity that will make her vibrate and flourish in life, and not just some basic squirting orgasm you learn about on YouTube.

  • Orasmic ejaculation mastery for you – Stop worrying about ‘lasting longer’, and fully enjoy longer sex sessions, develop your own ongoing orgasmic potential. Types of ‘orgasm without ejaculation’ etc

  • Understand how to give her real variety, and create a long-lasting sex life with her. Varied, rich, diverse, but also loving and connected. You may want this too, but for her it is ESSENTIAL to be happy, so you need to deliver this to her.

  • A solid guided process if you have a partner. If you don’t – we will build CONFIDENCE in all these skills through training, BEFORE you meet her.

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