Udemy – The Complete Pandas Bootcamp 2021: Data Science with Python


Bring your Data Handling & Data Analysis skills to an outstanding level.,Learn and practice all relevant Pandas methods and workflows with Real-World Datasets,Learn Pandas based on NEW Version 1.x (the days of versions 0.x are over),Import, clean, and merge messy Data and prepare Data for Machine Learning,Master a complete Machine Learning Project A-Z with Pandas, Scikit-Learn, and Seaborn,Analyze, visualize, and understand your Data with Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn,Practice and master your Pandas skills with Quizzes, 150+ Exercises, and Comprehensive Projects,Import Financial/Stock Data from Web Sources and analyze them with Pandas,Learn and master the most important Pandas workflows for Finance,Learn how to best transition from Versions 0.x to new Version 1.x,Learn the Basics of Pandas and Numpy Coding (Appendix),Learn and master important Statistical Concepts with scipy