Udemy – The Complete Oracle SQL Development Bootcamp 2021


Master the Contents Required to Pass Oracle SQL Exam 1Z0-071,The Full Track of Oracle Database SQL 18c,Have the Ability to Solve any Oracle SQL Problem,Downloading and Installing Oracle Database 18c Express Edition,Installing Oracle SQL Developer,Connecting to the Database using Oracle SQL Developer and SQLPlus,Retrieving Data Using SELECT statement,Restricting and Sorting Data Using WHERE and ORDER BY Clause,Using Single-Row Functions to Customize Output,Reporting Aggregated Data Using the Group Functions,Displaying Data From Multiple Tables Using Joins,Using Subqueries Part I,Using Set Operators,Manipulating Data Using DML Statements Part I,Data Definition Language (DDL) / Creating Tables,Data Dictionary Views,Data Definition Language (DDL) / Creating Views,Data Definition Language (DDL) / Creating Sequences/ Creating Synonyms/ Creating Indexes,Managing Schema Objects,Using Subqueries Part II,Manipulating Data By Using Subqueries,Controlling User Access,Manipulating Data Using DML Statements Part II,Managing Data in Different Time Zones