Udemy – Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam Prep 2021


Pass the Desktop Specialist Exam on your first attempt!,Tips and Tricks to save time on the exam, and answer questions quickly!,Practice exams with real exam like questions to help you be fully prepared for the exam by identifying your weak points!,Quizzes to test your knowledge after every section!,Fundamentals – Dimensions vs Measures & Discrete vs Continuous,Live vs Extracts in Tableau,Renaming a Data Field, Creating Aliases,Creating Joins, Unions, Blends,Creating charts – Bar Charts, Stacked Bar Charts, Line Charts, Dual Axis Chart, Combined Axis Chart, Heat Maps, Highlight Tables, Cross Tabs, Maps, and Scatter Plots!,Creating groups – Data Pane, Visually, and using Labels!,Dates – Date parts vs Date values,Different file types – .tds, .tdsx, .twb , .twbx , .tde , .hyper,Change the data type and default properties for fields,Use Sorting, manual sorts, and organise dimensions into a hierarchy!,Using Filters – Discrete, Continuous, and Dates!,Creating parameters,Use Colors, Bolding, Fonts, and Shapes,Create a dashboard, modify its layout, and share it,Use dashboard actions,Create a story using dashboards or views