Udemy – Spring Framework: Spring Boot and Spring Hibernate


We will create our Development Environment first of all including JDK and IDE,We will be learning with Eclipse based integrated Development Environment which is Spring Source Tool Suite,Learn to handle dependencies with Apache Maven over Pom xml file and Spring Boot parent project with other starters,Spring Boots Development Tools,Spring Boot and Web MVC,YAML and Java Based Configuration,Rest Services,Test Rest Methods Programmaticaly,Working with JSP Technology,JDBC Query Basics,How to create Executable Jar files of our concept project and how to run it,How to activate security in Spring Boot, design Authentication Policies and look at managing user data in Database,Use Hibernate in Spring Boot, activate Hibernate, create Pojo and convert them entities and learn some basic queries,Sending email within Spring Boot,Create scheduled jobs,Manage file uploading and downloading processes in Spring Boot environment,Learn further details of Spring Boot Framework,Learn to use testing features of Spring Boot